Do you know how to recycle?

  • October 2, 2018

In Spain we produce 1 kg of daily garbage per person and only 65% of Spanish population say they recycle at home. There is still much left to do. Also, we do not always recycle correctly: would you throw a napkin into the blue container? And a pacifier into the yellow one? No, since both would go organic. Did you know it?

Here there is a short list of where each item goes because #everyactioncounts but if it is well done, it counts twice.

Yellow container

In this one we do not usually fail, although it is necessary to make some notes: tetrabriks, bottle of milk, water and soft drinks, cans of beverages… all go to the container. If you want to recycle perfectly, rinse them before throwing them to remove the possible organic remains. Do the same with the aluminium foil and the transparent film, and if you cannot, then discard them in the grey container.

Lids of the glass jars, cork stoppers, envelopes of dry soups or purees, wooden boxes … To the yellow one!

Blue container

This container is for those elements made of paper and cardboard, as long as they do not contain organic residues or are plasticized. So, magazines, newspapers, folders, boxes of shoes and cookies or cereals, all of them into the blue. For example, would a pizza box go in this container? And, oven paper? No, since it will have traces of fat and food and therefore will go to the trash.

Green container

Glass always green! Bottles of beer, wine, perfumes, jars of olives or jams are deposited in this container, but always removing labels and lids as much as possible (remember that lids go to the yellow container).

Grey container (organic)

As its name indicates here we discard all organic waste and, in addition, many other objects. Diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, purses and wallets, tupperwares, pens, pencil sharpeners, garbage cans or scrubbing … although, ideally, it is to take them to a clean point.

Clean point

Many daily objects should be disposed of in conditioned spots because they are extremely toxic. This is the case of batteries and light bulbs, coffee capsules, mirrors, glass cups, metal cutlery, screws, old toys, medicines and used oil.

Now you know how to recycle!

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