Show with unbiased data your urban environmental management

How many green areas have your city?

WHO stablishes that the ideal proportion of green areas should be 10 m2 by citizen

Green Areas Indicator

Quality of Vegetation Indicator

NDVI considers low quality vegetation that one under 0.4

Do you know what is the quality of your urban vegetation?

Are your citizens suffering from heat island effect?

Stress, sleeping depression, cardiovascular risks, occupational risks...

Heat Island Max. Intensity Indicator

Population hit by Heat Island Indicator

Anticipate actions against extreme temperature phenomena

Do you know how many people would be affected? And, in what areas of the city?

Save time in data collection and have guarantees designing urban environmental best practices for your city


Software to obtain quickly and reliably the most relevant environmental indicators of your municipality

  • Be aware of the status of your urban environmental indicators
  • Analyze the trend and evolution of these indicators
  • Locate the most vulnerable (environmentally) urban areas of your municipality


Software for automation of collecting environmental data of your municipality

Be aware of your environmental indicators status
Analyse its trend and evolution
Locate vulnerable environmental areas


The design of suitable indicators to monitor the development and results of programmed actions is currently essential for the public manager; Green Urban Data is an ally in our city.

José Ignacio Lacomba
Head of Environment and Climate Change of Valencia City

Show with unbiased data your urban environmental management



SaaS Environmental Indexes

Tool that speeds up the collection of data to design environmental actions in your municipality and offers you evidence of its success


Healthy Routes App

It shows you the healthiest routes to move around your city. Athletes, people who suffer from allergies, people with reduced mobility or any citizen can find the path that best suits their needs

  • Route with more shade
  • Route with less allergens
  • Route with less noise